Building 3D printing capacity in Kenya

Utilising a co-design approach to create products and components for the local 3D printing industry.

Project Background

3D printing provides a real opportunity to leapfrog highly capital intensive manufacturing and enables the creation of bespoke parts and custom products. This project aims to inspire 3D printing innovation and support emerging economies, through a new collaboration between Aston University, Voltarent Engineering, University of Nairobi and AB3D.


Key Outputs

Aston University

Industrial designers at Aston developed a range of product concepts created using Kenyan made AB3D printers. Ten product case studies were produced that demonstrate the depth and diversity of 3D printing.

Voltarent Engineering

Engineers at Voltarent worked to design new 3D printing hardware. A Kenyan made 3D printer was developed, which reduces production time and improves print quality.

University of Nairobi

Staff and students in the industrial design department were provided with, and educated in 3D printing. The provision of these printers has enabled the use of this technology in their curriculum.

Project Video

Design Concepts

Water Filter

This retro fitting water filter can be attached onto any tap, the easily removed and cleaned when necessary....


Camera Rover

All terrain vehicle with independent suspension...


Room Divider

These decorative room dividers exhibit how 3D printing can be used in furnishing to make them more exciting and...


STEM Building Kit

Encouraging STEM subjects in school is becoming increasingly important, and inspiring children to use 3D...


Custom Jewellery

3D printing has the ability to create incredible, unique and memorising shapes and patterns. In this concept these...


Custom Shoe

With delicate design, a comfortable and durable shoe sole can be 3D printed. This sole is designed to be flexible...


Lighting Assembly

This simple light chassis is enough to make a beautiful LED light. The outer housing will hang from a wire, whilst...


Easy-Assemble Table

These luxury tables can be assembles quickly and easily using the 3D printed brackets that secures the legs and...


Measuring Spoon

There is no need to keep several measuring devices and swapping between whilst cooking with this adjustable...


Insect Trap

Insect & mosquito traps are requirements in most homes, however they are often unsightly and intrusive. This...


Custom Pipe Joints

These custom pipe joints allow users to simply enter the diameters of the pipes they would like to connect and...


Academic Partners and Collaborators

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Project funded by Royal Academy of Engineering – Frontiers of Engineering for Development